acknowledgement of defeat

im so sad. i know ive lost. when it comes down to it, i cant offer whats intrinsically needed. i wish i could. i want to. but i cant. i cant give what i dont have to give. and so i lose. lose love, lose life, lose hope. i feel it slipping away. right through my fingers, through a gaping hole in my wounded, bleeding heart. i almost wish id never tasted it. tasted you. the possibility, the joy, the love. you’ll go to get what you need. and you will. and here ill be. or rather i wont be. not again, not ever. ill know im supposed to smile when ill hear that you have what you wanted and yet i wont be able to look at you. or at your new possibility when you took mine with you. im so sad. just so so sad. thats all.

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2 Responses to acknowledgement of defeat

  1. that one makes me tear up….hits too close to home right now…but still so lovely…

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