like me.

id like to flower. i would, i would.

id like to be rained on, and be soaking wet for hours.

id like to feel a million wonderful things,

id like to think. period, thats all.

id like to be hugged and come away with an anchor,

id like to be kissed and gain oxygen and hope.

id like to be touched and melt, just a bit,

id like to make love, and have it last forever.

id like to sing and scream and yell in deafening joy to whomever or just me,

id like to live a little more each day.

id like to hold hands and feel my day get better,

id like to listen and believe and maybe even heal a bit.

id like to love, myself and special ones,

id like to know that its all mine to keep.

id like to eat a mango, and have juice drip down my chin,

and id like to smile, cause thats just what i do.

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2 Responses to like me.

  1. Your “likes” make me smile…

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