Just for the win of it.

I went to the pharmacy today. As i was heading toward the counter with my purchases, I noticed a man heading there as well. A fairly primitive bell went off in my head and I picked up my speed and began an informal, one sided race to the checkout line. I won. Or rather, I won!!! It was a moment of weird internal confusion when i realized that i really had no great desire to beat this nameless stranger to the counter and had turned into a jerk for an unflattering moment in time. I turned politely and offered my spot to the man, which he took, paid for his paper towels and left. It occurs to me, that all those years of childhood spent running for the first pick of candy or racing to win a cheap, plastic prize, may have instilled some deep primal need within me to simply beat the other guy. Why? No reason. What’s the prize? My own acknowledgment that i won. Won what? Absolutely nothing!!! Yippee! Hurray! Really now, what was all that about? I like to think that while I do have moments where I am still that unruly child, I will eventually back off and give up my place in line. If not for the poor guy who lost the race, perhaps I’ll do it for Me.

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